#RealDiversityNumbers by @EricaJoy →

I was tired of the “we hired this many” and “we gave this many dollars to girls coding initiatives.” None of those numbers accurately portray what the inside of a company looks like. When people are making decisions about where they might want to work and the type of culture they’d like to land in, those numbers aren’t helpful. I want companies to share the stuff that matters. So I started tweeting about it…

Examples include “How many harassment cases have you settled out of court?” and “What’s your retention rate for women? For [women of color]?”

These are great questions that drive at the systemic bias in the industry. For real diversity to happen in your company, you have to ask yourself these very hard questions.

A survey of 557 women scientists on gender bias →

…low numbers of women working in STEM fields isn’t solely due to a lack of candidates in the pipeline or even women who choose other careers that they feel will allow for better work-life balance. The results made it quite clear that there are five distinct issues that push women out of the field: Having to constantly prove competence, needing to be “feminine enough,” having their commitment questioned when they have children, encountering manufactured competition between women, and being socially isolated.

And, not surprisingly, women scientists of color have to also deal with specific biases linked to the combination of their race and gender.