First shots out of my E-PL5

Thanks to Shawn Blanc’s review, I bought a new camera recently: the Olympus E-PL5 with a Panasonic 20mm f 1/7 Pancake Lens. So far, I’m loving them. Here are some of the test shots I’ve taken. All of them have been through basic correctiong in Adobe Lightroom. Most of them even have custom filters applied.

Distressed Hydrant
I’m still going through that distressed texture phase.
Spring is starting
This one is probably because I read too much
Government Tulips
Seattle is a tulip town at this time of year. Tulips everywhere.
Rocks by the pier
Mmm, look at the clarity on these rocks.
Flowers at home
I’m probably going to overuse depth-of-field until I’ve got some more experience.
Messing around with indoor low-light.

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